anne_cooperVolunteer Opportunities

  • Assist on field trips
  • Provide breakfast or lunch on a one-time or regular basis
  • Provide fresh fruit for preschool meals
  • Assist with individual family needs (clothing, food, transportation, educational supplies)
  • Assist with Center Time activities (music, art, puzzles, math, science)
  • Help with fundraising events and/or grant writing
  • Help with administrative tasks (e.g., visiting resource center at Project Enlightenment)
  • Share a hobby, skill, interest, or field trip adventure with our preschoolers
  • Reading one-on-one with the children
  • Storytelling during circle time



“Reading to the Growing Together Preschool children feeds my soul each week. I am energized by their delight and inspired by the gains they make as the year goes along. The time I spend with the preschoolers also feels like a good investment—in each child, but also in our community.


When I was studying education in college, I did a research paper on the benefits of preschool education. The research is unequivocal: high quality preschool education benefits children, but also benefits society socially and economically. While I was more suited to teach high school, I have always had a passion for promoting preschool education because it makes so much sense for all of us. Supporting Kathy’s amazing work at Growing Together Preschool to prepare children for kindergarten is time well-spent.”   Anne Cooper