Ms.Williamsedit“My name is Martha Williams, and I am in love with Growing Together Preschool.  Ms. Kathy and her crew are wonderful. I had 4 grandkids to go there.  I would recommend Growing Together to anyone because it really gets them ready for school. It also puts them in touch with activities they wouldn’t have had a chance to get in touch with, like the dancing and art, the different reading programs, all different kinds of activities.  My grandson Prescott never would have had the opportunity for dance and educational fieldtrips without attending Growing Together Preschool as a four year old. He was a very shy child and going to preschool with Ms. Kathy gave him confidence and greatly prepared him for kindergarten. Your child will be very ready for school if they go to Growing Together Preschool.”




Michael's_quilt“Having a low income, I was not able to afford to send my son, Michael, to preschool. When I moved into Eastwood Court, I was excited when a neighbor told me about Growing Together Preschool. I was a little worried about him being away from me for the first time,  but Miss Kathy and her assistants were very professional and made me and him feel comfortable.

Michael was excited everyday about getting on the bus and having fun at Growing Together Preschool. He learned a lot of new things and had a chance to explore things that he had not before. This has helped him be prepared for Kindergarten. He is more independent and willing to learn. Thanks for offering this program to my son and other kids of low income parents that might not able to get that preschool experience and the extra push they need.”